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    *** Notice : Some of attached screenshots have been deleted due to some changes. They will be uploade soon. Your patience and understanding are truly appreciated.

    Calling all Resistance!

    The time is here for the big reveal! - Check below to see the upcoming content of Update 3.0!

    *February Update Preview Part I - http://goo.gl/CFK8II

    *February Update Preview Part II - http://goo.gl/pTrJWu

    [New Missions and Improvements]

    1. Heaven’s Tower

    - Search & Destroy missions with a time limit.

    - You can collect Angel Stones to strengthen your hero, higher level stages yield even greater rewards. As an added incentive, stages can be repeated allowing for unlimited farming potential.

    - One Free Revival in the Desert of Chaos will be rewarded.

    2. Training Airships

    - 5 different stages will be added (Attempts can be reset).

    - Daily Attempts will be decreased from twice to once as to have rewarded double in Street of White Night and Desert of Silence.

    3. Desert of Chaos

    - “Heroic” difficulty will be added.

    - Two Stone Titan will be there for you to fight in Heroic.

    -6 minutes after entering the Desert of Chaos, a debuff will be applied on your hero, additional debuffs stack every minute.

    4. Team Death Match

    - Available level to enter Team Death Match will be changed from level 30 to level 60.

    - Normal Team Deathmatch will be closed.

    - Gold will be rewarded in Ranked Team Deathmatch for both wins and losses.

    - Matchmaking will be improved.

    5. Raid

    - Available Raid Missions will change daily. You can check daily Raid Missions from Raid Schedule.

    - Raid Missions will be reorganized in 4 stages: Revival Ritual Site, Corrupted Brothers, Gerent of Fire, and Demon’s Camp.

    - Blitz and Revive are unavailable in the highest level.

    [New System]

    1. Storage

    - A Storage system will be added to store Materials and Artifacts (Equipment cannot be stored).

    - Storage items can be shared with your sub Hero.

    2. Alchemy

    - A new Alchemy system will be added where you can convert Materials into other ones.

    3. Targeting

    - Tracing a target or changing one will be available no matter what status you are in such as Abnormal Status or using another skill.
    ※ After the status is over, skills or attack are possible with target changed.

    4. Assist System

    - A new Assist system will allow a player with level 60 to help players below level 60.

    ※ Assist button will be available when a player with below level 60 is asking for one.

    5. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Quests

    - Daily Quest

    1. Complete Assisting (above level 60)
    - Weekly Quest

    1. Compete Daily Quest

    2. Complete Party Dungeon

    3. Destroy Demon in Desert of Chaos (above level 17)

    4. Complete Team Deathmatch (above level 60)

    5. Complete Assisting (above level 60)
    - Monthly Quest

    1. Complete Daily Quest

    2. Complete Weekly Quest

    3. Destroy Demon in Party Dungeons

    4. Destroy Demon in Desert of Chaos (above level 17)

    5. Complete Assisting (above level 60)

    6. Skill Decks Setup for Raid Mission and Demon Raid

    - The last used Skill Deck will be stored for both Raid Mission and Demon Raid.

    7. Daily Login Reward Improvement

    - Daily Login Reward will be improved for both new and returning players.

    1. New players: It starts counting on the day when a new account is created.

    2. Returning players: It starts counting from 16th for those who have not been logging in more than 15 days.
    - Rewards will be changed.

    - Change in the way to count login times

    Reset every 1st day → Reset when all rewards for 25 days are collected

    8. Prestige Improvement

    - Maximum Prestige level will be increased to 500.

    - New Skills will be added in each category as follows:

    1. Attack: Additional Hero Damage and Defense Penetration

    2. Defense: Reduction on Hero Damage and Critical Damage Resistance

    3. Resource & Property Damage: Additional Curse Damage, Additional Poison Damage, Additional Blood Damage, and Additional Fire Damage

    4. Adventure & Property Resistance: Damage Resistance in Battle Zone, Curse Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Fire Resistance
    - Damage in Battle Zone for Prestige Bonus will be decreased from 0.2% to 0.1% per level.

    9. Virtual Pad

    - A Virtual directional pad will allow for more freedom in the way players can interact with their character and engage in battle.

    10. One Free Revival in Desert of Chaos

    - Free Revival will be an obtainable item, and as such Free Revivals are possible as many times as you have the items in your Inventory in Desert of Chaos.
    - Revival items can be obtained in Heaven’s Tower.

    11. Auto Hunt

    - Auto Hunt will be available in Normal Missions until a certain number of Attempts.

    12. Block on Whispers from Certain players

    13. Autoplay

    - Autoplay will be available with no limit of Rank and Equipment Stats will be changed to 10.

    - Autoplay will be available in Party Dungeons with limit of Equipment Stats.

    14. French Language Added

    - French language will be added in Options.

    15. Stamina Recharging Improvement

    - Stamina recharge cost will be adjusted.

    1st: 50 Carats → 50 Carats
    2nd: 100 Carats → 50 Carats
    3rd: 100 Carats → 100 Carats
    4th: 200 Carats → 100 Carats
    5th: 200 Carats → 100 Carats

    6th: 200 Carats → 150 Carats
    7th: 200 Carats → 150 Carats
    8th: 200 Carats → 150 Carats
    9th: 200 Carats → 150 Carats
    10th: 200 Carats → 200 Carats


    1. Tier III Improvement

    - Additional Reinforcement will be available through Crafting Tier III Equipment.

    - Any Reinforcement after the initial (+10) will not count towards the Reinforcement Progress percentage which will be displayed on Equipments.

    2. New Gladiator Equipment

    - New Gladiator Equipment will be able to obtain in Raid Missions.

    - Gladiator equipment is PVP-centric gear.

    - It can be reinforced in the same way as Demon, Archdemon, and Seraph.


    1. Artifact Enhancement

    - Identical 6 star Artifacts can be enhanced.

    - Additional Artifact Reinforcement will be available after enhancement.

    2. 4 star Ancient Artifact Materials Added

    - Soul of Ancient Artifact and Ancient Artifact Piece will be added.

    - Soul of Ancient Artifact can be crafted via dismantling when it is over 6 star +10 reinforced).

    - Ancient Artifact Pieces are required to craft 4 star Ancient Artifacts and Soul of Ancient Artifacts can be exchanged into Ancient Artifact Pieces.

    3. Craft 4 star Ancient Artifact & Dismantle Artifact

    - Soul of Ancient Artifact can be crafted via dismantling when it is over 6 star +10 reinforced).

    - Crafting a 4 star Ancient Artifact is available once every 15 days.

    4. Free Ancient Artifacts Provided

    • For those who sold or used Ancient Artifacts to reinforce between November 2th, 2015 and February 22nd, 2016 will be provided Ancient Artifacts after Update 3.0

    • Ancient Artifacts that were used to craft will be excluded.

    [Angel Stone]

    1. Ultimate Angel Stone

    00.특수 엔젤스톤_EN.JPG

    - A New Ultimate Angel Stones will be added.

    - Three Passive Angel Stones per Hero’s class will be available to obtain in Raid Missions.











    [Shadow Mage]






    2. Angel Stone Reinforcement

    03.엔젤스톤 강화_EN.JPG

    - Identical 3 star or above Angel Stones can be Reinforced with Materials.

    - Four Materials to Reinforce will be added:

    1. Plumage of Courage: Active Angel Stones Materials to Reinforce

    2. Plumage of Talent: Passive Angel Stones Materials to Reinforce

    3. Plumage of Fidelity: Summon and Ultimate Angel Stones Materials to Reinforce

    4. Angel’s Tear: All Angel Stones Materials to Reinforce
    - Attack will be increased with Reinforced Active and Ultimate Angel Stones equipped.

    - HP will be increased with Reinforced Passive and Summon Angel Stones equipped.

    3. Angel Stone Awakening

    04.엔젤스톤 각성_EN.JPG

    - After fully leveling a skill to its highest 6 star ranking, you can develop the skill via the Awakening system with 200 Angel Stones and Materials.

    - Three Materials to Awaken will be added:

    1. Soul of Bravery: Active Angel Stones Materials to Awaken

    2. Soul of Talent: Passive Angel Stones Materials to Awaken

    3. Soul of Loyalty: Summon and Ultimate Angel Stones Materials to Awaken
    - New Status or Damage will be added along with Awakening.

    - Awakening can be down up to twice for now.

    4. Passive Angel Stone

    - Two Passive Angel Stones per Hero’s class will be available to obtain in Raid Missions.



    02.전사 패시브1_EN.JPG

    02.전사 패시브2_EN.JPG


    02.추격자 패시브1_EN.JPG

    02.추격자 패시브1(PVP)_EN.JPG

    02.추격자 패시브2_EN.JPG

    [Shodow Mage]

    02.흑영 패시브1_EN.JPG

    02.흑영 패시브2_EN.JPG


    1. Loyalty Shop Improvement

    - Loyalty Points will no longer reset monthly, and can stack up to 2,000 points.

    Loyalty points will consist of 20% of Carats you buy,

    - Loyalty Points will also be obtainable from Quests.

    - Items Improvement


    2. Shop Improvement

    - Cash Shop

    1. Rune of Unleashing Package I ~ IV will not be available.

    2. Rune of Unleashing Pieces will be added.

    3. Tubal-Cain’s Mold for Shoes, Bracelet, Helm, and Gloves will not be available.

    4. Tubal-Cain’s Mold Pieces will be added.

    5. Gold package will be added

    [Bug Fixes]

    1. Fixed a bug where a new guild member was not on the guild member’s list

    2. Fixed a bug where Register Deck was not closed after clicking Exit button

    3. Fixed a bug where Collect Reward button kept alerting

    For further descriptions check out our update preview posts here! -

    *February Update Preview Part I - http://goo.gl/CFK8II

    *February Update Preview Part II - http://goo.gl/pTrJWu

    *** Notice : Some of attached screenshots have been deleted due to some changes. They will be uploade soon. Your patience and understanding are truly appreciated.

    Resistance Arise!

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  2. Melloshi

    Melloshi Active Member

    Thanks for the Dissemblance Skill.. hmm @iSolo (they give a different kind of effect and it only last less than what we think off)
    and for the Rage, hmm @Thaumaturge (i think you replied on similar to this one, the Cost is the Def but they put dodge instead of move speed and damage instead of atk spd.) Not Bad~

  3. chirp

    chirp Active Member

    Spiral Shot: 15 m range, wow. This would allow us to kill Damora without having to enter his room ! Hope it's not a typo.
  4. Thaumaturge

    Thaumaturge Active Member

    So I guess we just have to endure if we encounter a chaotic conversation in main channel?
    Thank you so much for this. This is huge to all f2p players out there like me.

    I think that's meant to be "Ultimate" instead of "Passive"?
    About the Angel Stones, what are those "2" under the skill name? Does it mean that it is maxed lvl, reinforced and awakened?

    I'm not sure what exactly are you talking about. If its about in your thread Skill Ideas for Future, I guess my suggestion was very different from what I saw above. XD
  5. Xlimit

    Xlimit Active Member

    Sm passive skill "magical body" 30% for curse dmg 400+??? U need this skill for what?
  6. Razor

    Razor Member

    yeah there, unbalance skill again, only mage dont have hero dmg. sad :(
  7. Naglfarion

    Naglfarion Active Member

    So much new content, thumbs up.
    No achievement added for S ranking Demon Dimension :/ ?
  8. RomPogi

    RomPogi Active Member

    error in viewing the images of new angel stones, please fix thanks

    time to create lowbie account guys, for "assist quest" LOL

    anyway thanks for great update fincon
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  9. lithe333

    lithe333 Retired

    I think they deleted it temporarily.

    Another option is to just help actual new/low level players? :D
  10. RomPogi

    RomPogi Active Member

    hehe just my option if theres no lowlevel online, i cant wait for them always :(

    btw the artifact/materials storage is kinda scary to all new players, they will now encounter OP lowlevels in BZ and start killing the bosses just to have sure 2* artifact loot for reinforcing than going to level60 BZ.. but still i dont know anything in new BZ maybe the loot there is better
  11. xmanregen

    xmanregen Active Member

    One question, can we carry over the remaining loyalty points? Since I have 2100 loyalty points haven't been used.
  12. anddrey

    anddrey New Member

    видео ultimate skills
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  13. Kucis

    Kucis Guest

    I h
    hmm question my blitz ia allready maxed ...i wont make quests than...also Whats that about stamina refill?!is that for all types or individual for dungeon battle zone and story?!?also why release so many Stuff in 1 time?seems to be radical game change ...

    Really more balance vs SM aint enough yet?!?just give other classes witch hunter Skill and give insta kill on SM in game really ...ridiculous ...stopping gem immedittly ...oh we gs ....->improved Stuff with usage ..oh we bs....->improved dmg ...oh we SM get nothing good and keep getting lowsy new skills and improves in nothing good tyvm you killing my will in game bravo only after 150 more days ppl noticed sm as the balanced but i can say last 50 days more or less sm most unbalanced and unimproved class....i Would stay quiet but it seems SM is thrown to trash...last tdm some skills make players loose auto path/atack with some crowd control skills than i turn in game and toon Goes crazy...
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2016
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  14. xmanregen

    xmanregen Active Member

    SM is still stronger than gs in pvp. BS is the problem. They didn't balance the BS very well. BS is OP in pvp.
  15. pirusama

    pirusama Active Member

    stop saying that when the new meta gameplay hasnt been played yet. wait untill the update to complain
  16. xmanregen

    xmanregen Active Member

    I can foresee a zerk with 11k attack, 8k def and 600k hp vs 10k attack, 8k def, 40k hp gs.
  17. pirusama

    pirusama Active Member

    whats your point? you wanna 1 shot berserkers? you want to have as much def as them? it takes skill to use gunner, now they gave you a Area knockback +5 sec immune so you stop complaining about stunlocked to death. what else do u want
  18. taco!

    taco! Member

    you made the zerk have higher attack (+10%) and hp (+1400%) compared to gs
    but you made the def the same
    your future sight sure is something
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  19. xmanregen

    xmanregen Active Member

    My point is berzerk gonna one shot most of the gs. Most top gs won't survive one combo from a above average zerk.
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  20. xmanregen

    xmanregen Active Member

    Thats the new passive which -4000 def, +3000 attack +5.2% dodge rate. Check the Japanese patch not.

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