So long, I am done.

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  1. ZBlade

    ZBlade Well-Known Member

    Just finished my T4 set and was able to get my compass artifact to +34 and my BP is currently at 24966 (was hoping I would get it to 25000+ but ohhh well). There is nothing left in this game for me and there is nothing in this game that I find fun anymore. Unlike some, I barely invested any money in this so no guilt what so ever and was rather happy how far I have gotten on just spending $3.99 a month (which I stopped a while ago since there was no point on me supporting a company that is no longer bringing in new content) to help support the developers.

    Its a no brainer on why I have decided to quit and pretty much why the majority of people are quitting. This game is pretty much dead. Angel Stone 3.0 was the last noticeable change to this game and since then, its just been nothing but reused content in a slightly different form which does not make sense (costumes with stats!). Hero balance became non-existence and bugs never been fixed or even thoroughly addressed with constant updates. The iOS 10 issue is by the worst bug that is currently plaguing iPhone users and its been over 2 months. Fincon asked for more data on it and players provided it all and what happens after it... absolutely nothing but silence. From what I can see, Fincon either does not have enough resources to address these or does not have the knowledge, even though you think any capable development team is able to fix spelling errors but they clearly dont see it as a priority to fix something that literally takes seconds to do.

    The thing is, I think Fincon has dug a hole so deep, there is no way of them getting out of it and the way they are continuing on progressing with this game clearly shows it, so I see no point on sticking around. The thing that surprises me the most is the silent treatment that we are all getting from Fincon, I can't believe when their customers are fleeing in dozens a week, they continue to be silent. This game is so dead that its not uncommon to jump into BZ and do 5 runs with no one coming in. With all of the warnings in this forum, with all of the ideas and suggestion that players has put forward and even worse, all of the loyal players who put faith you guys and all of the people who stick around hoping that things will change, you simply ignore them.

    So this is pretty much my last rant and in my typical style, its a long read. So thanks to all who made my time both in game and in the forum an enjoyable one. I will more than likely check the forum from time to time and even log back into the game to get back in touch with the guys in my guild, I might even try to kill a few people for fun too.

    As for me, I finally found another game that I am interested in and the great thing about it is it suits my busy lifestyle better than this game. So.... every stay safe and stay happy.
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  2. Ramsi

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    Hey ZBlade, you were an important member of the "AS Forum Family" and we all will miss you sincerely. Also I would like to thank you for all the good conversations that we had!

    Going forward, there is nothing left than just wish you best fun with your new game and I wish you personally all the best in your private life - take care!!!
  3. Beatdown

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  4. Rosaellie

    Rosaellie Member

    Aw, sad to see you go; good luck in the real world!
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  5. XShiroE

    XShiroE Moderator

    Good luck guys. I had played some game in the past and think this effect will come to any game and it is just the matter of time.
    For me, I am self sufficient and play for hobby and I think I will continue and at least to see next patch ;)
  6. Lejandro

    Lejandro New Member a new player and i kinda like this game. i was wondering at first why there are few people around ingame and now i found out why. im think twice now on investing my time here.
  7. ZBlade

    ZBlade Well-Known Member

    Yeah...i wont bother playing if I was you. I dint even know why this game still running lol.

    There are better games out there but you can still play for the story but i advise against investing any money. Just play it for the story and then quit.
  8. Athena

    Athena Retired

    lol you got a lot of patience.. i thouht you already quitted a long time ago..:D
  9. Jimskie

    Jimskie New Member

    Give me your account bro hahaha.

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