[Notice] Scheduled Maintenance Break (September 11, @ 16:00 KST)

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    Calling all Resistance!

    We will be proceeding with a scheduled maintenance break on September 11 @ 16:00 KST for approximately 1 hour. The following will be applied during the maintenance break:

    - The normal 1+1 carat will be initialized on the 1st of each month
    - 1 point per 2 Strength skills will be added to the Hero’s Battle Point score
    - Issue with Guild War stamina now showing in the PvP contents shortcut has been resolved
    - Whenever a –Stamina boost/event is in effect, it will be shown in the PvP and PvE shortcut
    - Resolved issue where certain text in Achievements and other areas were displayed in Korean
    - Win points will be added at the end of Team Deathmatch according to Hero kill contribution (regardless of whether your team wins or loses):
    * 3/4 Kills → 1 point
    * 5 Kills → 2 points
    * 6 Kills → 3 points
    * 7 Kills → 4 points
    * More than 8 Kills → 5 points

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience in advance!

    Resistance Arise!
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