[Notice] Scheduled Maintenance Break (June 19th @ 14:00 KST)

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    The Game is now Live!

    We have sent 2,000 Carats as compensation for the inconvenience.

    Please note that the Magical Shop is currently unavailable for iOS users. We are working to get this issue resolved within the next few days!

    We do apologize and thank you for your continued support!


    Calling all Resistance!

    We will be proceeding with a scheduled maintenance break on June 19th at 14:00 KST for approximately 4 hours for In-game Updates!

    - Patch Notes will be posted shortly

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience in advance!

    Resistance Arise!
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    Dear developers, I wrote to you two months ago to the support service, and did not receive a response, my account was lost or hacked, it was tied to the Facebook and now I can not go there asking to create a new, please pay attention to it, because I have not received from you an answer in two months!!! My account name is RomaMartin
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