Notice] Scheduled Maintenance Break (February 27th 11:00 KST)

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    The Game is now LIVE!

    We have sent 1,000 Carats, 100 Story Mode Stamina, 20 Party Mission Stamina, 20 Battle Zone Stamina, and 4 Boss Raid Stamina as an apology for the inconvenience!

    Calling all Resistance!

    We will be proceeding with a scheduled maintenance break on February 27th at 11:00 KST for 7 hours to update and merge Asia 1 and 2 servers.

    - Boss Raid rankings for both Asia 1 and 2 servers will be merged into one
    - If you have accounts on both Asia 1 and 2 servers, they will not be lost and you will be able to choose and play both accounts within the new Asia server

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience in advance!

    Resistance Arise!
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  2. GenThrasher

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    Can you do something with the American server??? Raid is eating our stamina when we try to blitz, and Now after your maintenace Guild War is broken for all guilds!! Please address this problem and reset DR Scores, maybe give us a 5th attack slot and a 5th passive slot. While your at it, Combine all servers to gether and run Guild War on a 36 hour cycle. That way GW will be at noon one day and the next time will be at midnight. It will be fair to both sides of the world.

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