[Notice] Scheduled Maintenance Break (April 23th @ 16:00 KST)

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    The GAME is now Live!

    We have sent 1,000 Carats as compensation and extended all buffs for 3 hours.

    We will be extending the maintenance break for approximately 1 hour.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


    Calling all Resistance!

    We will be proceeding with a scheduled maintenance break on April 24 @ 15:00 (KST) for approximately 1 hour.

    The following changes will be applied during maintenance:

    I). Raid Balance and Updates
    * Raid Stages 1 ~ 4 will now be combined into one stage
    * Raid Stage 5 will be changed to Stage 2
    * The Blitz Stamina for Raid Stages 1 ~ 4 will be combined into one stage, with the last Stage remaining the same (20 Blitz)
    * You will now be able to receive rewards in the first Stage that were originally only obtained in Stage 4 and higher

    II). Other Balances and Updates
    1). Existing Hero / Archdemon / Seraph’s Tier-3 Equipment Upgrade Materials will be updated
    * (Original) 10 Awakening Piece III pieces + 35 Tubal-Cain’s Mold Piece > (Updated) 10 Awakening Piece III
    2). Contents of Lv.60 Supply will be upgraded from Tier-1 >
    3). 30 Stamina Item will be added to the Shop (cost: 50 carats)
    4). Street of White Night Lv.60 reward has been updated to Awakening Piece III / Tubal-Cain’s Mold Piece
    (Originally Zecharite / Mythril)
    5). Desert of Silence Lv.13 ~ Lv.60 rewards will be doubled
    6). Demon Raid Stamina Cost will be adjusted to the following:
    * 1 to 4 times: 50 Carats
    * 5 to 20 times: 100 Carats

    Resistance Arise!
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