[Notice] Maintenance Break (August 29th @ 15:00 KST)

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    FINCON King of the Admins Staff Member

    The Game is now Live!

    We have sent 1000 carats as compensation!

    Calling all Resistance!

    We will be proceeding with a scheduled maintenance break on August 29th at 15:00 KST for approximately 2 hours!

    - Patch Notes will be posted shortly

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience in advance!

    Resistance Arise!
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  2. RivenFire

    RivenFire New Member

    Just updated on IOS and Android unit, all looks good in getting the data but when game starts I only see welcome screen (the street with candles where your char is standing) but without any icons or char, just an empty street with rain! anyone experience the same?
  3. AlbaZev

    AlbaZev New Member

    Same here what is up Fincon come on wake up 2 hours trying to login not good
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