[Event] Weekend Event!

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    Calling all Resistance!

    Artifacts are in need of reinforcement this weekend!

    ▶ Event Period:
    - Asia 1 & 2: 8/31 00:00 ~ 9/2 23:59 (KST)
    - America: 8/31 00:00 ~ 9/2 23:59 (EST)
    - Europe: 8/31 00:00 ~ 9/2 23:59 (UTC)

    ▶ Event Details:
    - 30% Discount on Artifact Reinforcement

    Resistance Arise!
  2. Sageret

    Sageret New Member

    Hello all! Pleace do something with Demon Raid for mages! its impossible to play there, mana didnt regen as well, if i use low cost skills with 40% reduce and 40% skill cool down!! on 1.30 min mages lose ALL mana on bosses!! but there is 1.30 min to do damage, but what can we do without mana??? Fincon, WE mages need skills and skill options like Guns and Berserks!!! why they has 3-4 skills to refill Mana?? Endless Water is baddest skill ever!! its no use on DR, its shame, helpless skill!! then, even if mage will got 100+100% glades gear, best arts and 55% chrit chance 300% chrit damage 22% defense penetration (+8% magic body) 40% skill cooldown and 40% mana reduce, skills +200 t2 on every 4 active +1 ultimate, we CANT get even 51-52+ mln pts on bosses!!! its impossible! do something guys! share and spam to Admins, its not cool, passive elementhal damage that have Mage cant improve this +65 arts and unlymited mana that have Berserks and Guns!! they can go to bosses with powerfull 4 skills, and always do 250+% damage every sekond! HEar Us Fincon! we want to Rise, but we cant bczwedidnt have good FAST damage (250%+) skills thats will refill our MANA !!! HMS is 235% and its the one 3 sek skill! berserks and guns have 2-3 this type skills! and they refill their mana!

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