[Event] Surprise Daily Login Event!

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    Calling all Resistance!

    The heavens have surprised the Resistance with a Daily Login Event!

    [​IMG]▶ Event Period:

    - Asia: 5/1 00:00 ~ 5/8 23:59 (KST)
    - America: 5/1 00:00 ~ 5/8 23:59 ~ 4/8 23:59 (EST)
    - Europe: 5/1 00:00 ~ 5/8 23:59 ~ 4/8 23:59 (UTC)

    [​IMG]▶ Event Details:

    - Login Each Day to Receive Rewards!
    5/1 : 1,000 Carats & 60 Story Mode Stamina
    5/2 : 400 Ancient Artifact Pieces & 40 Party Mode Stamina
    5/3 : 10,000,000 Gold & 40 Battle Zone Stamina
    5/4 : 30 Awakening Piece IV & 60 Story Mode Stamina
    5/5 : 1,000 Carats & 40 Party Mode Stamina
    5/6 : 400 Ancient Artifact Pieces & 8 Demon Raid Stamina
    5/7 : 10,000,000 Gold & 60 Story Mode Stamina
    5/8 : 30 Awakening Piece IV & 40 Party Mode Stamina

    *You must log in before 5/8 23:59 to receive all the Daily Login rewards. If you log in after the period, you will not be able to receive the rewards!

    There’s more!
    - Minus 2 Stamina on Party Missions

    Resistance Arise!
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  2. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

    American Server we only got 500 carats
  3. oOTheCrashOo

    oOTheCrashOo New Member

    Same on euro server plus different rewards today also!!
  4. oOTheCrashOo

    oOTheCrashOo New Member

    Sort it out!!
  5. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

    yeah, everything we are getting is not what has been advertised, they've really butchered this one up
    Yesterday was supposed to have been 1k carats was only 500, today supposed to be 400 AA Pieces and is 5 million gold instead. Tommorow supposed to be 10 million gold, cant wait to see how that gets ruined
    oOTheCrashOo likes this.
  6. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

    so today was 1000 TCmold pieces, which were no where on the list of gifts, can you all fix this crap seriously????
  7. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

    the only thing you are getting right is the staminas
  8. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

    You all really need to fix this blitzing stamina bug, in the last 2 weeks i've probably lost abot 200 stamina to failed blitzs
  9. Argiæl

    Argiæl New Member

    Hey!!!! FINCON.
    They are giving half of the promised rewards!
    When will they give the rest?
  10. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

    No kidding, some of the stuff we recieved wasnt even on the list of gifts, like the 1000 tubal cain pieces, and now people are having login issues as well
  11. Guerrero31

    Guerrero31 New Member

    fincon is seriously we are having access problems please !!! help fix that is not possible that in each event we have this kind of problems until when ???
  12. Lu97Sierra

    Lu97Sierra New Member

    Fincon, favor de arreglar los servidores, dan error cada vez que entro y hay demasiado lag, que está pasando aquí???? >:v

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