[7th February, 2017] Patch Note

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    *The following content outlined below is scheduled for upcoming updates and may be altered prior to launch.

    1. [Raid]
    • Tier 1 ~ Tier 2 Raids will now drop Tier 2 Items as well
    • Tier 3 ~ Tier 5 Raids will now drop Tier 3 Items as well
    **Tier 2 and Tier 3 Items will drop in addition to material for other Tier Items

    2. [Artifacts]
    • Reinforcement levels of enhanced artifacts have been raised.
      Level 1 enhanced artifacts reinforcement 3 -> 5
      Level 3 enhanced artifacts reinforcement 19 -> 25
      Level 8 enhanced artifacts reinforcement 35 -> 50

    3. [Angel Stones]
    • Level 2 Awakening Angel Stones reinforcement has been raised from 80 to 120. (Active, passive, summoning, and ultimate skills)

    4. [Other Improvements]
    • Lobby background will be changed from the winter theme to the default background
    • Alchemy Event will end
    • Demon Raid Season 2 will end
  2. Bukk

    Bukk Retired

    Unless it's a client based patch, every single patch will be:
  3. Johnyboi

    Johnyboi Member

    when will fix balance? no new content and you want much money??? useless patch, horrible joke this is. FIX THE GAME or GAME OVER!!!!
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2017
  4. Beatdown

    Beatdown Member

    Better dont update if no new content!!
  5. anddrey

    anddrey New Member

    game die, good job developers!!!
  6. Uranter

    Uranter New Member

    Maybe that?
    • Level 1-8 artifacts reinforcement: 13-16-19-22-25-28-31-34 and after patch Level 1-8 artifacts reinforcement: 15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50.
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  7. Ramsi

    Ramsi Active Member

  8. Uranter

    Uranter New Member

    But... For examle:
    When I have some artifact +19 (lvl3 - I spend 3 arts 6* for reinforcement) - does this mean that after patch I have this art lvl 2 bcoz my reinforcement is +19. Does devs bring back that difference in art for reinforcement (bcoz I spend 3 arts 6* for reinforcement to get lvl3.... but my art after patch will be only lvl 2)? If it be so, then we are all be robbed.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2017
  9. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

    Give us new stuff, not same old boring here yah go raise you stones to a higher level now. New content, remove bans off of your loyal players. We want differnt stuff make this game more fun different maps for guild war new bosses, not just Dimora all the time
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  10. lCE

    lCE Active Member

  11. GenThrasher

    GenThrasher Member

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  12. ZBlade

    ZBlade Well-Known Member

    I am back..... just to post this message

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  13. Ramsi

    Ramsi Active Member

    Come farm with me plumages till the end of days :D
  14. Uranter

    Uranter New Member

    After patch so many accounts sell))) and so many ppl are leave)) Valentins Sale)) Great job, devs))) great job)))
  15. pirusama

    pirusama Active Member

    oh boy i wish i wasnt banned so i could play this awesome update!
  16. Johnyboi

    Johnyboi Member

    u a funny man ha ha ha
  17. invisionD

    invisionD New Member

    Dear developers, has the problem with additional damage of passive skills. Do not operate the passive skills ... do not cause damage or poison, or curse, or blood. It is noted especially in Berserker, Magus. Since when do not work do not know. It has been verified by several players and on different devices.
  18. Johnyboi

    Johnyboi Member

    is this why some take much time to kill titan? guildies complain why some take 20 then next take 40 seconds to kill titan. not only zerk with mage too this happen

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